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Please review the Family Survey and simply indicate by a Yes or No if you meet the criteria for each question. This information is very important to insure our eligibility for participation in the federal programs which may provide your children with a variety of materials and services. Please return this form as soon as possible but not later than March 1st. All information will be kept in confidence.

Family Survey Feb 20



Applications for students who will be attending grade school (as well as high school applications) for the 2015 / 2016 school year are now available www.psas.org/blocs. A list of frequently asked questions on the application process is located HERE.

For specific questions on the application process, please contact PSAS at blocs@psas.org or call (866)424-6443.
Decisions on scholarships and awarding of amounts will take place after May 15th. For questions on scholarship approvals and amounts, please contact your school.
For questions on donating to BLOCS, contact BLOCS at info@blocs.org or call 484-704-2300.

Thank you,Bill O’Brien
Executive Director


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Maguire Scholars Program

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Registration 2015/2016

For information regarding 2015/2016 registration, click on
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Tuition Assistance

 Office of Catholic Education, Tuition Assistance

The BRAVO Foundation       www.thebravofoundation.org 
The BRIDGE Foundation      www.bridgeedu.org 
The BLOCS Foundation:       www.blocs.org
The AAA Scholarship Foundation     www.aaascholarships.org ...

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