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New Programs for 2016/2017 School Yearboy
3 years old-Tues, Wed, Thursday Morning Only (8:00-11:00)
3 years old-Tues, Wed, Thursday Full Day (8:00-2:40)
3 years old-Monday through Friday-Mornings (8:00-11:00)
3 years old-Monday through Friday-Full Day (8:00-2:40)


We are accepting registrations for new students and returning students whose tuition payments are current. Register early to ensure availability!   Open registration ends April 15th.   Registrations after April 15th will only be accepted if space is available.


Registration 2016/2017

For information regarding 2016/2017 registration, click on
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March Box Tops Drive Association

We still need everyone’s help clipping and turning in Box Tops for us to reach our goal this year which is $1,000.00. The next submission is going to be March 1st .  OLA will receive its last check of the year in April.  Let’s finish the school year strong!!!  Please don’t forget to write your child’s grade and room # on the baggie or envelope. End of year contest for the class who brings in the most Box Tops will receive a little treat :)

Thank You For All Your Help !!

Cindy Caffarella and Danielle Nespoli

St. James High School Alumni Association

St. James High School Alumni will again be sponsoring high school scholarships for the 2015-2016 school year.  Applications are available upon request beginning in January (phone: 610-876-2006 or email: These are partial 4-year high school scholarships with required attendance at a Philadelphia Archdiocesan High School. Applicants must be a practicing Catholic from a Delaware County parish and graduating 8th graders or current high school students.

Completed applications must be returned by 2 PM Wednesday, April 7, 2016.

The St. James Alumni Association will host a Scholarship Program Open House on Wednesday, February 18th at 7 PM.  The open house will be held at the St. James headquarters, The Doghouse, located at 1499 E. 9th St. Eddystone, PA.

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 For important information re:  Low cost health insurance for families, click on the following link:


Beginning today, applications for students who will be enrolled in K-12 during the 2016 / 2017 school year will be available for parents. Last year, BLOCS had over 15,000 applications which amounted to a qualified need of $47,000,000 for Philadelphia area Catholic schools. 

Most of BLOCS funding comes in the way of tax credit programs that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania offers to businesses. Businesses are able to make donations to BLOCS, and then receive up to a 90% credit on their PA state taxes. These programs total $150 million dollars in available credits state wide. 

As we move into the next school year, our hope is that these programs are expanded to help more families afford a Catholic education. It is important that our legislatures understand what the true need is in the Philadelphia area when these programs are evaluated for a possible increase.

The best way to show the true need of families in the Philadelphia area is to have as many parents as possible fill out the online application for BLOCS scholarships. Applications for Archdiocesan schools, parish schools, and diocesan high schools can be accessed at or by going directly to If your child is attending a private school, mission school, or if your school is not listed in the online applications, please contact your school directly to apply.


Thank you,

Bill O’Brien


Executive Director


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